Christ Church

Mille Isles (Parish of the Lower Laurentians)

About Us

We are a church in the Lower Laurentian parish with a few dedicated followers trying to keep the Word and Spirit of Christ alive. Hopefully we are being inclusive by worshiping with other congregations and by welcoming our fellow worshipers in the PLL and beyond.

Where is God Working in Our Community?

God is at work in our community by bringing us together each Sunday, whether in our local church or other churches in the PLL. In our community outreach we have come together with the congregation of our local Presbyterian church to worship in numerous services. This makes for a stronger community by being with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What is one thing we would like to share with the world around us?

We would like to share understanding and peace of mind for all. Perfect Peace.


1258 chemin de Mille-Isles

Mille-Isles, QC, J0R 1A0


Contact Information

Pastoral services

   The Reverend Nick Brotherwood (514-246-5796)


Service Schedule

January 12 - 11am

February 9 - 11am


Special Service

Ash Wednesday Service at St Simeon's in Lachute on February 26 at 5pm

PLL Annual Vestry Meeting

After 11am service at St Aidan's in Louisa

on February 16

The Laurentian Regional Ministry is a grouping of ten churches in the Laurentian region of Quebec, under the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

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