LRM Management Committee Workshop Reports

The Report on the Laurentian Regional Ministry 2018 (see Survey Report below) was presented and received at the annual vestry meetings of the parishes of the LRM. The recommendations contained therein were taken by the lay members of the LRM Management Committee to the parishes through seven workshops; in addition, interviews were conducted with the clergy of the LRM. The comments received were written up into the "LRM Workshops Final Report".


A shortened version of the full report was also prepared, and is called the "LRM Evaluation Workshops 2018 Executive Summary". The recommendations in it come primarily from suggestions made in one or more of the workshops, sometimes augmented by suggestions from the Management Committee.

We recommend you read both versions as they complete each other.

For the full report "LRM Workshops Final Report", click here (PDF – 370Ko)

For the summary report "LRM Executive Summary; Evaluation Workshops 2018",
click here (PDF - 320Ko)

LRM Management Committee Survey Report

In the Fall of 2017 the LRM Management Committee conducted a survey amongst the congregations of the 10 churches of the LRM on the strengths and weaknesses of the regional ministry model. The report below was compiled by the LRM Clergy Team and includes the history of the LRM, a summary of the feedback received from the surveys, a theological take on where we are now, and proposals for moving forward.

The report was entitled "Report on the Laurentian Regional Ministry 2018".

For the full report, please click here (PDF – 1MB)

The Laurentian Regional Ministry is a grouping of ten churches in the Laurentian region of Quebec, under the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

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