St Paul's

Dunany (Parish of the Lower Laurentians)


1127 chemin Dunany

Gore, QC, J8H 0G6


Contact Information

Pastoral services

   The Reverend Nick Brotherwood (514-246-5796)

Church and community affairs

   Wendy Crooks (1-450-562-6381)


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About Us

St.Paul's congregation is community-involved and multi-lingual. We are proud of our church and the leaders that preach to our community. We are a family of 220 homes, found mainly on the shores of four lakes from which comes the saying 'The Spirit of the Lakes'.

Where is God working in our community?

God's teaching of giving to others is strong within our community. We are, for the most part, blessed as being a self-sustaining community that bans together to help those within who experience some of life's troubles. There is a good sense of giving of oneself and one's assets to help those less fortunate.

What is one thing we would like to share with the world around us?

Our church is bilingual in its services. The respect for diversity in this small community is a change that makes us stronger. We have seen that within our own congregation.  Practicing this respect everyday worldwide makes us stronger together when meeting life's challenges.

​Service Schedule

Weekly at 4pm on Sunday during Summer season.

All services in person temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We have a 10am online service via Zoom. Please contact us to obtain the Zoom connection details.

Visit "Our worship" page under "Events" for recording of past services.

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The Laurentian Regional Ministry is a grouping of ten churches in the Laurentian region of Quebec, under the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

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