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445 rue Principale

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   The Reverend Tania Lesack (514-607-0414)


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Who are we?
   St. Simeon's is a diverse community of believers who gather together as a family, recognizing that each one of us has something valid to contribute to God's work in our church and in our community.  Together, we listen and learn more about our walk of faith; we care for each other; we offer comfort, compassion and encouragement to each other and we hold each other up as we work together in different ways to reach out to those around us.
   Through the challenges that everyone faces every day, whether it be personal challenges or the stress of coping with world issues, there is always the knowledge that we can gather each week as a peaceful, supportive community, resulting in a greater sense of hope, fulfilment and purpose.

Where is God working in our community?
   Members of St. Simeon's are active and well known in our community as people of faith and compassion.
   God works through his faithful people offering comfort and assistance to those in need.
   God works through the generosity of those who support local, urban and global organizations striving to make the world a better place for all.
   God works through all of those who take leadership roles in our regular worship services as well as our monthly family service. Through their talents of music, hosting, reading or teaching, they provide an example by sharing their understanding and by practicing their faith as witnesses of Christ.

What is one thing we'd like to share with the world around us?
   St. Simeon's wants you to know that through all things, good and bad, God is always present as a guide, as a comforter, and as a challenger, if we seek him out.
   God wants to be a part of every life He has created and we believe that together, we can overcome adversity, live in happiness and harmony, and discover that “peace that passes all understanding”.

Service Schedule

In-person services are held every Sunday at 9:15am.
Please reserve
your place by contacting:

Edna Hall

Phone: 450-562-6147